While pregnant, some of the usual sleeping positions are not a possibility. For those used to sleeping on their stomach, it is a definite no-no during pregnancy. Sleeping on the back can be uncomfortable and can cause medical problems from all the weight being on the pregnant mother’s back. Experts have suggested that the best sleeping position in pregnancy is on the left side. This allows for improved circulation.

A pregnancy body pillow was designed to make side sleeping more comfortable. It is usually recommended to start sleeping with a pregnancy pillow in the 2nd semester. A pregnancy pillow is designed to help support the lower back, stomach and hips. Using the pillow takes some of the pressure off the body to allow some comfort to the pregnant mother.

There are several different varieties of pregnancy pillows available, so it’s easy to find the best one to help in alleviating your problem symptoms.

-The Wedge Pillow is designed to “wedge” under the stomach and help in giving lower back support and relief from back pressure.

-The Body Pillow is a pillow designed to fit the pregnant woman with one pillow supporting the stomach, and the other supporting the lower back. The pillows are usually attached with velcro.

-The Full Body Pillow is a long pillow, usually about 5 feet, that helps in supporting the back, stomach and legs. This pillow can be bought in any store and is not marketed just for pregnancy.

-The Bean Pillow is a kidney bean shaped pillow. It can be placed under the stomach and between the knees.

The relief of a pregnancy pillow can be invaluable during pregnancy. The comfort it provides aids in getting the needed rest a pregnant mother needs. The pillow can be used any time of the day to help in relieving back pain and other little aches and pains of being pregnant.

Not only are they useful during pregnancy, but they can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow after the baby is born. It is also useful for bottle feeding as it helps ensure proper posture with less stress on the arms and back while feeding the baby. Use the pillow when your baby begins to sit up to help cushion falls as they topple from one side to the other.

A gift of a pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular gifts a pregnant mother can receive. There is a lot of technology available today to help in providing comfort and convenience to pregnant mothers, but nothing can compare to the comfort and relief of a simple, non-technical pregnancy pillow.