Sciatic pain is one of the leading causes of decreased mobility in women who are pregnant and often leads to significant weight gain and loss of time from work. If you are pregnant, and struggling with sciatica, you may want to ask your doctor about the use of pregnancy wedge pillows to alleviate sciatic pain during pregnancy. With the right wedge pillow fitting, you can alleviate sciatica pain by resting more comfortably.

Wedge pillows are commonly used during sleep to aid in breathing and to reduce health complications such as GERD and COPD. For women who are pregnancy, however, a pregnancy wedge pillow can improve overall function by not only improving quality of sleep but also supporting the lower back and legs during bed time or even when sitting in chairs or sitting on the couch. In addition, pregnancy wedge pillows can be used for supporting your back when attempting to do sciatic exercises.

When struggling with sciatic pain, ask your obstetrician about the use of a pregnancy wedge pillow. In many cases, your doctor can write a prescription for the pillow to be purchased at a local medical supply company or online. When suffering from sciatic pain, your health insurance company should pay for your pregnancy wedge pillow as part of your coverage for illness or injury. In addition, any out of pocket expenses you incur can also be written off on your federal income taxes as a medical expense deduction.

Learning to use the pregnancy wedge pillow, especially with exercises, while pregnant can be challenging for some doctors to demonstrate. For this reason, your obstetrician may want to refer you to a physical therapist for one session of therapy that will guide you through the proper use of the pregnancy wedge pillow especially if you are using it for alleviating sciatic pain. Often, doctors will make this referral out of concern for their own liability but if your doctor does not offer, do ask as this may be the key to overcoming your sciatic pain especially as your pregnancy progresses.

Naturally treating sciatic pain during pregnancy can be challenging but with the right exercises and the right supplies, many women find they can overcome sciatic pain effectively and be on their way to a health finish to their pregnancy and a healthy labor and delivery. If you are beginning to experience sciatica when pregnant, ask your doctor about ordering a pregnancy wedge pillow as this may be the one device that pulls you through some of the most difficult pain during pregnancy.