Selecting the best pregnancy pillow is an arduous task. Several designs are available in the market and every producer states that their product is the best. No doubt, they will publicize this.

The individuals at the store will not be concerned with you choose unless they have tried using it themselves when they were pregnant. They are concerned only about the sale.

The fundamental aspect that has to be remembered while selecting the pregnancy pillow is the pillow should be comfortable enough to provide the necessary support to the parts that would generally prevent sleep owing to uneasiness.

Pregnant women do not feel at ease while in bed. Health care professionals suggest that sleeping on the left side by bending the knees would be the ideal position. By sleeping in this position, the movement, digestion as well as discharge of waste would be easier. You will need some time to lie in this position, particularly if you have the habit of sleeping on your back or if you are in the advanced phase of pregnancy.

Though, regular pillows would support the body, people who have gone through pregnancy would vouch for the fact that they won’t be much helpful. Pregnancy pillow is intended to alleviate the uneasiness during night. Its ergonomic style helps in reducing the force of the hip, joints as well as back and props up the increasing stomach.

The most fundamental pregnancy pillow is wedge shaped and can be kept under the hip or among the knees. This pillow helps in supporting the hips and back in a very relaxed position and is one of the most reasonable options.

Another type of pregnancy pillow is the Body pillow. It has a cylindrical shape that can be hugged by you. This would support the bumps and the leg. They are also available in fancy models that would help in making explicit ailments seem ordinary.

This pillow has an odd shape. It has been designed with the contours of a pregnant woman in mind and therefore, it reduces the pressure found in the lower portion of the back, neck, shoulders as well as hips.

There are pregnancy pillows that have been made with the whole body in mind. This pillow is prepared by memory foam which offers support to the entire body when you lie on them.

Furthermore, it would be ideal to buy the pillow that seems resilient and includes a cover that can be removed and is washable. This would help you to employ them as nursing pillows once the baby comes into this world.