Being pregnant can be stressful! Some sources of stress while being pregnant are not getting enough sleep, back pain, sore ankles and having to go to the bathroom every half an hour. After being pregnant with my second baby I decided I did not want to experience the same level of stress I did while being pregnant with my first baby. I experimented and talked with other pregnant moms to see what helped them reduce stress while being pregnant. The following are my 5 tips for reducing stress while pregnant.

Pregnant stress reduction tip #1

Get a massage. If you can afford it go get a massage once a week. A massage is a fabulous way to reduce stress while pregnant. It relieves tension and sore muscles. Just make sure the therapist massaging you knows about pregnancy massage because there are certain areas of your body that should not be massaged. I heard that certain areas like by your ankles could induce contractions and labor. If you don’t have enough money to pay to get a massage then ask your husband or a family member if they would be open to giving you a massage.

Pregnant stress reduction tip #2

Buy a body pillow. A maternity pillow is a great way to reduce stress while pregnant because it will help you get a good nights rest. The maternity pillow supports the natural contours of your pregnant body. The maternity pillows are as cheap as $10 dollars and as expensive as a $100 dollars. It all depends on what the pillow is made out of. Maternity pillows can come in polyester, goose down, microfiber and cotton.

Pregnant stress reduction tip #3

Eat healthy foods. Many women see being pregnant as an opportunity to eat whatever they want and get as fat as they want because they have the excuse of being pregnant. However the problem with that belief is that if your eating nothing but junk food your going to feel stressed and sick. To top it off you will gain weight beyond your pregnancy weight, which will not diminish after you have the baby. Your going to have to work real hard to get rid of the fat you acquired while pregnant. So to help reduce stresses while pregnant eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and dairy.

Pregnant stress reduction tip #4

Do simple daily exercises. Exercising everyday is a great way to reduce stress while pregnant. So go for a swim, take a walk in your neighborhood, do yoga or pregnancy pilates. Exercising will help keep you in shape and feeling great.

Pregnant stress reduction tip #5

Join a mommy group. Talking to your husband about your stress is great but after awhile your husband will get sick of your complaints. Mommy groups are a great way to reduce stress while pregnant because you can communicate with others who have similar issues.

These pregnancy stress reduction tips helped reduce the stress I experienced during my second pregnancy and I know it will help you too!